Are you needing a question or concern answered? Or maybe you’re not sure on some parts of the project?

Hopefully we’ve covered it somewhere below! We’ve tried to cover as many questions as possible.

Please look through the list below to see if the answer you’re seeking is there but if not, don’t hesitate to contact us.


When will the winners be announced?

Winning entrants selected for calendar and/or exhibition will be notified by email several weeks after the competition closes and the judging panel has made their decisions. Please make sure you enter your email correctly on the online entry form!

What are the prizes?

Sadly we can’t offer huge prizes for the winners, but we want to show our appreciation for your efforts and participation in our unique community project. Each year is different.

Who selects the winners?

The winners are selected by a panel of LGBTIQA+ community members by invitation of the Rainbow Calendar Team. These folk hold different roles within the broader community and each year a different group of individuals are invited to be part of this group. If you have suggestions for potential judges, we would love to hear from you.

How will images be judged?

Images will be selected for a range of reasons. This may include that the image is aesthetically pleasing, has a meaningful connection between the caption and image, successfully relates to the theme and does not contravene the Terms & Conditions.

The panel attempts to ensure a diverse representation of images and stories are selected from the entries received.

How many photos can I enter into the competition?

You are invited to enter up to three images in total and we encourage you to submit 3 different images for better chances of being selected in the calendar.

I share an email address with another person. Can we both enter under the same email address?

Yes, but please ensure your files are named correctly and correlate with details on the entry form.

How do I submit my photograph?

Entries must be submitted digitally by uploading it here or by contacting the RCP team if the file is too large. All entries must be accompanied by an entry form and Model Release form where relevant.

Do you accept non-digital photographs?

Unfortunately we can’t accept these. All entries must be in a digital format.

Can I enter if I live outside South Australia?

Yes, however you must reside in Australia.

Can an old photo be entered?

Yes, as long as you took it and you have the completed Model Release form for any people appearing in the photograph and are recognisable. If the person has passed away, please ensure permission is given by their partner or family members where possible.

Do I need release forms for people in my photo?

Yes, using the Model Release form.

Can I enter photographs that are cropped, manipulated or enhanced?


What does it mean when you say photographs may be “enhanced or altered”?

We may need to make slight cosmetic changes to the photographs for the purposes of visual consistency within the calendar format. We will be tasteful and respectful with this. If you are fundamentally opposed to ANY changes please let us know.

Do you accept black-and-white photographs?


What if my digital photograph does not have a resolution of 300 dpi, or more, at least 3,000 pixels on the longest side?

It won’t be eligible for the competition. This requirement is important to ensure the image can be enlarged to a certain size without losing it’s quality.

Will you accept photos with watermarks?

No. A clear image must be submitted.

I entered my photograph into another contest and it won. Can I enter it into this contest?

Yes, providing the photographer has the legal ability to do so.

Is it OK to enter a photograph that has been on my website?

Yes, as long as you have taken it yourself and have the legal ability to do so.

I’m 17 years old. Can I enter the contest?

Yes, however parent/guardian consent is required on the entry form.

What is the entry fee?

It’s totally free! We want to ensure access to this competition is open to as many people as possible.

How do I know that you’ve received my entry?

You will receive an email confirmation your photograph has been received within 7 days. This is an automatic email sent to everyone who submits an entry.

I didn’t receive my confirmation email. Why not?

If you do not receive a confirmation email within 7 days, please email the RCP team and let them know.

When I submit a photo to the photo competition, what rights do you have to my submission?

The right to:

  • display the photo and corresponding story in that year’s Photography Exhibition
  • include the image in the following year’s Rainbow Calendar
  • use cropped sections for calendar design (eg for calendar banners – this will be in addition to full print inclusion in the calendar, not instead of)
  • use images selected for the calendar for promotional purposes (eg flyers and images for social media or events).

All photographers will be credited for the above where possible.

What rights to my photograph do I retain?

You still retain full rights to the photo and can use it for whatever you like!

I accidentally uploaded the wrong photo. Can I delete my entry and submit a new photo?

Yes, simply send the RCP team a quick email to fix the situation.

Are Model Release Forms required when submitting a photograph to the competition?

Yes for all identifiable people. This means if their face can be seen or is easily recognisable, then the must complete this form or the image will not be eligible for judging. Find the form here.

Do photos of children require Model Release Forms?

Absolutely! It’s all on the form.